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New Arrivals: Mou Boots

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Our latest addition to Boho Chic Harrogate is something we're very excited about...

As you may know, we don't delve into the world of shoes often - we'd love to, but space isn't always on our side in our small boutique. However, when we spotted these during a weekend trip in Paris we had a 'HAVE TO BUY' moment. This does happen often as we do love shopping...but this one was for real...promise. Instantly, we were on the phone & emailing to see if we could become stockists of this beautiful brand. 

Featured in some of the most quirky and delightful shops in several arrondissements of Paris, they're already taking off around Europe - and at Boho Chic, we specialise in bringing you the most up-and-coming unique brands from across the globe. So, this truly was a no- brainer. Luckily, the brand were super helpful, which meant we were able to bring them to you for this Autumn & Winter season - something that isn't always possible!

So, without further ado, we present to you, our favourite new footwear brand: Mou Boots. 

Mou Boots Crystal

Mou Boots Logo

A favourite amongst A-Listers such as Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller and SJP, Mou Boots are a London based brand founded by Shelley Tichborne. The luxurious footwear brand was created as an antidote to the pressures of modern city-living. The brand is also dedicated to ensuring ethical and eco-friendly produced goods - which is always a plus. 

After much deliberation, we opted for three styles: 'Eskimo 18' in light metallic, 'Eskimo 18' in green velvet, and a natural coloured 'Eskimo 18' with crystals. We wanted to represent the brand with a good range styles they offer whilst also catering to what we know our customers would love. The height, colours and styles we've chosen are perfect for pottering around town in, packing in your case for a winter getaway, or styling with a boho chic dress and tights for a casual-chic ensemble on an evening. Take a look:


Mou Boots Boho Chic Collection



Each style varies in price depending: the metallic is £275, velvet £255 and crystal is £295. 

How would you style yours? Pop in store over this Winter season and we will show you how to wear each shoe to match your personal style. 

To shop these gorgeous new boots, simply click on the links below:

1. Eskimo 18 in Metallic

2. Eskimo 18 in Velvet 

3. Eskimo 18 with Crystals

Stay tuned on the Blog for 'Style with Sally: Mou Boots', to see how Boho Chic founder Sally wears hers, too. 

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

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