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Top Festive Party Pieces

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We know what you're all thinking. November? Already? Where has the year gone and do we have to start thinking about Santa's favourite time of year?! 

The answer is yes. If, like us, you don't have much spare time and enjoy a party or two, you'd better get your bauble into action. 

Before you know it there will be office parties left right and centre alongside festive evenings coming out of your (elf) ears. 

Now truly is the best time to ensure your winter wardrobe is fit for party purpose. So, we've put together a few pieces that are perfect for any social events looming around the corner. 



Party Accessories


These fantastic clutch/cross body bags are perfect for evenings out, dinner do's and much more. They're made from 100% calves leather, making them super soft & feature a cotton lining - which makes the inside quick & easy to clean (goodbye foundation spills)..

We recently took a trip to Lisbon Portugal, and each took one of these beautiful C.Oui bags and they were winners all round. Not another bag was in sight! 

WEAR WITH: Your go-to LBD with heeled boots. 

They're reasonably priced at £75.00 and are all designed in France. 

Take a look here to browse the range of bags



Another accessory item to style this season should definitely be our Mes Demoiselles Ritchie Socks. 

Ultra glam and uber extra, they'll add an instant pop to your feet by transforming a simple court shoe into a sequin boot. 

Mes Demoiselles Ritchie Socks Sequin
Black Sequin Socks by Mes Demoiselles














This genius accessory opens up a range of options for your footwear during party season. Not only will they keep your feet warm, you can wear them over tights, with open toed shoes, or with a court. 

The open heeled back creates a bit of grip which is great when wearing heeled shoes as they'll stay in place.

Go for gold with an equally glamorous party dress for a statement shoe, or opt for black with tights, a shorter skirt and simple blouse to a touch of fun to a basic outfit. 

They start at £95.00. They may sound a little steep, but they will change your footwear collection completely. 

Find them online here:

'B' is for BLOUSES 

Every woman needs a few go-to tops in their wardrobe that they know will look good and feel comfortable in.

The Daiga Blouse by Mes Demoiselles ticks both of these boxes. Made from 100% silk, it is extremely comfortable, yet the adjustable neckline and floaty sleeves will keep it looking smart and chic, no matter the formality of the occasion. 

You can dress it up or down depending on how you tie the neckline and what you wear on the bottom.


Mes Demoiselles Diega Silk Burgundy Blouse

For a formal occasion, we suggest wearing it tied on the shoulder, with a pair of slimmer fitting smart trousers or a chic skirt with heels.

If you're headed to a more casual affair, it looks equally as great with a pair of skinny jeans, worn off the shoulder to create a sexy ensemble; the silk fabric and flowing silhouette will keep it smart enough for an evening look. 

Take a closer look at the Daiga Blouse here:

If you'd like to add a bit more sparkle to your look, nothing will do the trick more than our Mes Demoiselles Alyssa Blouse. With a gold thread running through the intricate pattern, it's sure to be a winner with the crowds. 


Mes Demoiselles Metallic Alyssa Blouse


Read more about this blouse on our recent blog post here:



We've skipped a few letter, but you get the idea. Jewellery is a sure way to sprinkle some sparkle on your outfit. One pair of statement earrings can totally transform a basic look into something glam. Take a look at two of our faves so far..

Bibi Bijoux Swarovski Feather Earrings in Gold

Wear our Bibi Bijoux Gold Feather Earrings to add a touch of twinkle on a festive night out with your favourite evening outfit. These beautiful, Swarovski Crystal earrings will lift a range of outfits and aren't too heavy. They won't make too much of a statement if you're looking for something a little less obvious. 

They're £75.00 and can be found here:

Artwear Dimitriadis Pearl Crystal Earrings

If you're looking to go all out, pair our Artwear Dimitriadis Statement Pearl Earrings with an elegant ballgown for a formal do. They catch the light beautifully as they're embedded with a tonne of different sized Swarovski Elements crystals. The various pearls add a touch of chic, whilst the setting keeps them looking edgy and slightly antique looking. They're a beautiful pair of intricate and unique earrings that'll be sure to catch everyones eye.

£149.00 Available here:


We'll be writing more blog posts in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas to guide you along the way - with gift ideas and much more, so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook & Twitter pages!


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