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Why Shop Local this Christmas?

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Many of you will already know that we are a small, independent local business. We love being an independent and it's one of the main reasons our customers love us as well. Harrogate is so well known for it's gorgeous, one-of-a-kind boutiques and cafes that we often meet visitors who come here for this reason alone which is fantastic.  

However, with the closure of several independent businesses in the past year in our beloved spa town, we thought we'd use this as a chance to remind you why it is so important to shop local during the holiday season (or any time of the year for that matter). 


We all have that person in our life who 'has everything' and 'needs nothing', shopping with a small boutique store is the perfect way to ensure they'll receive something unexpected and unique. At Boho Chic, we spend an extraordinary amount of time trailing across Europe sourcing beautiful one-off pieces so you don't have to. We only deal with established, small brands from cities and countries such as Greece, London, Paris and Madrid (and many more). We spend time ensuring the quality matches our high standards; we make sure it is 'unique' enough to be worthy of a place in our quirky little shop! If you choose to buy something special with us, not only will you be guaranteed to get them something they don't already have, but you are giving them something with a story. Nearly everything is handmade here, and often from a lovely brand with extreme pride for their product.     



Whilst many high street stores and bigger brands do offer a certain standard of service, shopping with an independent business guarantees the highest level of knowledge of a product. At Boho Chic we know what kind of crystal or stone is in every piece of jewellery, where each item comes from, which brand it is and who made it. Basically, if you ask it, we'll answer it! We really do want every customer to leave happy and cared for, so we pour every amount of effort we have into making sure this happens. Whether you're looking for the perfect party dress, a fabulous accessory to finish off an outfit, a piece of jewellery for a friend or a scarf to keep you warm, we'll make sure you find the right thing for you. We have great relationships with customers, sometimes they just come in for a chat! This is the same for many of our local cafes around Harrogate - they know all about the coffee you'll be drinking and who baked that delicious brownie you're about to treat yourself with. It makes a huge difference to your experience when the staff are knowledgeable and truly interested in their service. 



 Nothing feels better than a busy shop for us! We absolutely LOVE it when people are excited over the pieces we have carefully hand-picked on our buying trips. Most bigger brands and stores have targets to work towards and every sale is another number. For us, every sale really makes a difference. Whether you're spending £20 or £200 we love seeing you walk away with a smile, knowing our time was well spent helping you choose that gift or special treat for yourself. It is true what they say - when you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance (usually the person who served you!). See exhibit A and B below..


So please, remember to shop small this year if you'd like us to be here next year! The same goes for your morning coffee, Friday tipple, greetings cards, Christmas turkey, anything!

All of us really appreciate each and every customer & we'd like this time to say THANK YOU for shopping small. You are supporting a dream and keeping our community alive.  


Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!

The Boho Chic Team 



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