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Our Boho Models: Amy

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Good Morning! 

We hope you're having a wonderful Monday morning/afternoon; whatever you're doing, it's about to get even better, as we have a great blog post lined up for you. Grab a pot of tea, sit down, relax and get reading...

This time, we'll be talking all about one of our Boho models, Amy. She was the first blonde (all though a natural brunette) to our team here at Boho Chic, and we must admit, it was an exciting moment for us. We don't know where to start with Amy, she's quite the individual...

Amy is particularly close to Boho Chic, as she is the daughter of the founder, Sally. She has helped out with so many aspects of our online store, from setting up the first ever web page we started out with, to styling outfits for us, and offering her advice and opinion at every step of the way. Although she has a full time job working and travelling around the world 24/7, she is always here for us to lend a helping hand; we decided that we needed to expand our team and just like that, our Boho model number two was created!

When she's not in Brazil, Boston, China, New Zealand, or wherever it may be, Amy simply rolls out of bed, pops into the studio, gives her hair a quick shake, puts on minimal makeup and she's ready to go in an instant. We wish we could be as glam as her in 5 seconds flat. She knows exactly how to work the camera and how to look 'flawless' (she's a huge Beyoncé fan, just like the rest of us) with every shot. You can find her mainly in our brand new headwear section, which is right here

Amy has been through every single up and down imaginable with all of us here at BC HQ, all the way from photo mis-haps, coding errors, logo disputes, packaging problems, and so, so much more. But at each step of the way she always manages to pull us all together and shake us back into action - we really wouldn't be where we are today without her. 

Here are a few shots of her in full swing:


This blog post is particularly special to us as she is such an incredible character and an even more incredible model, and all we can say is a big thank you to her from the BC team!


If you have any questions about Amy, or any of our models, we'd love to hear them, simply drop us an email at and we'll get back to you in a flash (or do our best to do so).


That's all for now, but stay on the look out for our upcoming post on our latest model, Anna Lisa, very soon.


Boho Chic x






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