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It's all go at the moment here at Boho Chic. So much is happening that we just have to share it with you, we're too excited not to! As many of you will know, for a while now we've been considering refurbishing our little boutique in Harrogate; this was deliberated and thought out for quite some time. We didn't want to lose any of the lovely character that the boutique has, but we wanted to freshen up our look at the same time, too. It has been a difficult and long process, with many sleepless nights for the team. However, it has also been an incredible amount of fun for us; with countless colour charts, many late nights, a lot of phone calls and so many floorboard choices, we think we've finally cracked it! 

We've opted for lots of distressed white wood, warm lighting, rustic chandeliers, fresh flowers, and a lighter wall colour. Originally (and still currently) the shop inside is a lovely taupe colour with darker wood flooring, and rustic touches here and there. This has been loved for so many years and always will be loved, but we feel its time for a little Spring clean! 

So, what has happened so far? Let us fill you in...

Since the final decision making, we've been making a few changes here and there. We now have brand new, swanky spot lights which have replaced some of our smaller bulbs inside, making it even easier to show you our beautiful clothing & accessories range. The chandeliers in place now give the shop a more rustic vibe whilst still maintaining the 'luxurious boutique' feel we feel you should experience here. 

Secondly, the trademark hot pink has officially up and left! In its place is a fresh, crisp and clean white. We still may play around with the colours, we're thinking of soft greys, lighter pinks and whites, rather than something too 'bright'. But for now, we'll see how we feel about the new white. Let us know what you think by commenting online or popping in and seeing it for yourself. 

Here are some before and after pictures to give you an idea. On the left, the old look, on the right, the new! We haven't yet got our new logo in place. 


What do you think? 

We can't wait to show you the rest when it's all ready, but for now, you'll have to wait in excitement for that little bit longer!


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