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Our Boho Models: Intro & Freya.

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Good Afternoon, everybody!

Welcome to another Boho Chic Blog Post. We thought it would be great to do a little blog post on each of our models; at the moment we currently have 3, so we will go through them one by one in a separate post each.

Here at Boho Chic, we like to make sure our models are super friendly, down to earth people with a great style and a bit of an attitude. Our first model, Freya, is amazing: she has been with Boho since the beginning. Helping with styling, doing ALL the right poses, sometimes even sneezing and looking incredible. Yes, thats right, sneezing. She's a loyal and amazing part of the team! We first found Freya through one of our more recent models, Amy. They have known each other since they were little. This helped immediately when having to act natural; if there is anybody more natural than Freya, we challenge you to find them. 

Having been through many shoots, gluten free lunches, hair & makeup moments and so, so, so many coffees with us, she knows our style in and out. Being able to have a model know their size well and know our brand really well is a key factor for us: we want our style to reflect through the model with every photograph. 

This is the model behind the blog post (although we're pretty certain most of you will recognise her):

Here she is in action: 

Find these trousers here:

You can find Freya on our Instagram page @BohoChicLtd or simply by scrolling through most of our pages - she's on almost every single page! (Yes, we love her). 

If you have any queries about Freya, her size, fit, what clothes & sizes she wears during shooting, you should be able to find out mostly through our product descriptions. However, if not, do feel free to contact us by email: - we'd be happy to answer any of your questions. 


See you at the next Blog Post!


Team BC 




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