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Boho Chic Update

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Good afternoon! 

Here at Boho Chic HQ, we've been working on a few projects; we're currently looking to get in contact with some bloggers and organise some giveaways and competitions - aren't we a nice bunch?

This process involves choosing the most bohemian, up to date and on trend fashionista out there. If you'd be interested, simply send in your enquiry and a bit about yourself to: - we'll take a look at you and hopefully it will be successful!

The idea is that we would create a package for you, your friends etc that would represent your personal style, with a range of products and goodies. You would then post it on your blogging platforms with the competition or giveaway we chose for your and your audience. 

You'll need:

1. An interest in bohemian styles, and an interest in fashion.

2. To be a regular blogger (or anything similar)

3. To be excited and interested in our range 

4. A great personality!

It really may sound daunting but don't be scared, we're a nice group and we'll make sure we take care of you whatever the result! 

We are also currently uploading lots of new stuff for you guys, so keep an eye out for any new arrivals in store! With Jewellery & Accessories mainly the focus, new Clothing has arrived, too. So we'll be keeping the website updated with both. Watch this space...



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