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Boho Chic Update

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Good (early) afternoon, everyone!

Welcome back to another Boho Chic blog post. Some of you may have seen a few before, if not, these posts are simply here in order to keep you up to date with any interesting Boho news and keep you informed as to whats going on around our end. A few different kinds of blog posts will be introduced within the next few weeks also, so keep your eyes peeled! 

We have been relatively quiet to you all recently; many of you will know that we have officially refurbished and re decorated our shop! This took a lot of early mornings, late nights, and a LOT of coffee.. However, low and behold, we finally made it, and it looks great! If you haven't had the opportunity to pop by and visit, you must do so: it is a world away from our old little shop. New white distressed flooring, soft, lighter tones on the walls, two fitting rooms and rustic chandeliers are all now part of our new look. 

We wanted to create an atmosphere that was relaxing, fresh and easier to shop in whilst still keeping in touch with our bohemian (crazy) side. All our mirrors, flooring, furniture & fittings were sourced locally, from Leeds right up to as near as Cold Bath Road. If you ever have any questions with regards to the paintwork and furniture feel completely free to ask us, we'd be happy to help, always! 


Now, back to the other half of us: our website. We have a lot of exciting news and new arrivals coming within the next few weeks online. We have various photo shoots lined up for jewellery, clothing & boho chic accessories, so we'll make sure to keep you updated on each and every detail: we promise! 

What should you be expecting from us? 

1. New online arrivals

2. Lots of Instagram pictures

3. Many, many model selfies

4. Lots of blog posts

5. Even more #inspo pictures

6. Tweets & Tumblr's. 


As for now, we will simply be posting about the news to come, but hold tight, we won't be too long!


Boho Chic 


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