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Back to Black - How to style Black the Boho way

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Wearing black is something that divides us when it comes to clothes; some love it, some hate it. At Boho Chic, we tend to stay away from it during the summer as we are big fans of colour. However, it's a great go-to option when it comes to the autumnal months and leading into winter.

Black is a classic colour that never fades as far as trends are concerned; it's associated with being chic, sophisticated and sultry. It's also super slimming and can be quite striking, too. It is most fashionistas favourite colour because it can be so versatile - wearing it with a bright colour can compliment it just as much as styling it with similar hues. 

Take a look at our 3 fave ways to wear it below..


The problem some have with the colour black is that it can be too harsh against certain complexions. But, a great way to combat this is to opt for a soft fabric when choosing to wear black. By doing this, you instantly take away some of the harshness and create more femininity and fluidity, simply by changing the fabric you pick. 

Silk is a fantastic option when shopping for black clothing; it's lightweight and super super soft, which will detract from the harshness associated with the colour. Whatever the finish you chose with different silks, it is bound to have a soft delicate effect - which makes it a great go-to fabric no matter the finish. Being a natural fabric, it also keeps you at an even temperature - which is ideal for when you're on the move, and can easily be worn in warm and cool climates.

We have a greats selection of bohemian dresses but our Silk Frimuese Frosted Dress by Mes Demoiselles Paris is a prime example of this; it is fluid, light and romantic - a perfect combination for those reluctant to opt for a black outfit. The frills featured add texture and dimension which again, detracts from the black block colour. 


Wear with: thick black tights (our favourites are from M&S), suede knee high boots (check out Stuart Weitzman) and quirky silver jewellery for a 70's inspired Boho Chic look. 


Another foolproof way of softening black is to incorporate pattern. Whether it be a monochrome pattern, or something with a touch of colour, it will lift the colour and bring interest to your outfit. Opt for floral prints for a feminine touch, or go bold with stripes or geometric prints.

We are fans of floral at Boho HQ, so this Mes Demoiselles Daho Blouse is a must have for us - it is slightly sheer, which softens the bright and dark contrasting colours so as not to overpower your complexion. The Daho Blouse is also a good starting point if you are new to the world of wearing black; the colour at the top of the blouse brings vibrancy to your face; so although you're wearing black, its not quite as harsh as plain black. 


Wear with: Deep indigo jeans (7 for all Mankind do a great pair) and comfortable heels with lots of jewellery for a quirky evening look.


If you aren't sold on donning black just yet, wearing black on the bottom is an easy way to bring black back into your wardrobe without it affecting your complexion. Wear a soft colour on the top to compliment your skin tone and pair it with black on the bottom for an effortless chic look.

Styling a black skirt can create a romantic, feminine silhouette - again, softening the harshness. It will add another texture to your outfit, especially when adding a chunky knit jumper in the winter on top. Alternatively, for an evening, pop a simple blouse on top with tights and heeled boots for a smart chic touch. 

Our Mes Demoiselles Frikette Silk Skirt is ultra flattering - although there is a touch of ruffle at the bottom, the top is slimmer fitting, which will hug you in the right areas & wont accentuate any of the wrong bits of your bod. If you are concerned about the top half, just pop on a longer top or jumper over the top to cover up any unwanted lumps and bumps.

Black Silk Pattern Skirt   

Wear with: Isabelle Marant suede booties (click here) and a simple jumper or shirt - with or without tights, we'll let you decide!

So, there you have it. Our top 3 ways to wear black the Boho Chic way; go for a soft silk, add a little pattern and print, or style a skirt in black. If you are already an expert on black, like many are, hopefully this post has given a few ideas on how to reinvent ways you've worn black previously.

If you'd like to shop any of the looks shown, click on the images above or click on the list of links below:

1. Frimuese Frosted Dress

2. Daho Pattern Blouse

3. Frikette Silk Skirt



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